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Able Image Browser is a full featured image viewing solution which is fast, simple-to-use and inexpensive.

Able Image Browser features:
 Supports all common image formats: JPEG (JPG and JPE), GIF, Bitmaps (BMP, RLE and DIB), TIFF (TIF and FAX), Metafiles (WMF and EMF), Icons (ICO), PNG, PCX, TGA (TARGA, VDA, ICB, VST, PIX), PBM, PGM and PPM  
 Converting to Adobe PDF, PostScript PS, EPS, Wireless bitmap.  
 Thumbnails display with support for memory and disk caching  
  Images can be added to favorites for later viewing or saving as an image collection  
  Advanced thumbnail display, printing and exporting functionality  
 Three printing modes:  
 1 – Print the currently Selected Image(s).  
 2 – Print All Images in the current folder.  
 3 – Print Thubmnails for all images in the current folder.   
 Automatic choice of best orientation for printing  
 Assigning of text descriptions to images  
 Image manipulation functions including rotate, flip, crop, resize and various filters and effects
Multiple Copy / Rename
 Removing the Red Eye effect (caused by flash photography).  
 Color adjusting.  
 Color mode converting.  
 Effects (Negative, Bupmap, Lens, Wave, Morph, User filter).  
 Forwarding of images via e-mail  
 All standard file and folder management functionality and image conversion features
Auto Adjust Orientation
Fast editing (brightness, contrast, cropping)
 Able Image Browser is simple to use.

Summary: ICO, Adobe

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