ABBYY FineReader Pro for Mac August 2016-AFF only promo-33%OFF FRMac Full V


ABBYY FineReader® Pro for Mac turns scans, PDFs and digital photographs into editable formats including Apple® Pages®, Numbers®, PDF and e-book formats. The most accurate OCR for OS X, FineReader’s recognition and conversion capabilities eliminate retyping and also reformatting — it fully reconstructs an original document’s layouts including headers, footers, footnotes, page numbers and table of contents. Even better, FineReader accurately converts multilingual documents in over 180 languages in any language combination. Plus, its interface provides one intuitive tool for accomplishing tasks of any complexity. And for mobile data capture, image pre-processing tools deliver optimal results from digital cameras.

Summary: ABBYY, OS X, digital cameras, Mac

Concepts: Optical character recognition, Operating system, Mac OS X, Apple Inc., ABBYY, Language, Tool, Camera


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Tags: ABBYY FineReader&reg, image pre-processing tools, mobile data capture, Optical character recognition, editable formats, e-book formats, accurate OCR, digital photographs, conversion capabilities, optimal results, original document&rsquo, page numbers, multilingual documents, language combination, intuitive tool, digital cameras, digital cameras.Summary, Apple Inc., /science/social science/linguistics/translation/technology, Mac OS, mdash, retyping, footers, PDFs, footnotes, headers, complexity, layouts, scans, Apple&reg, Pages&reg, Numbers&reg, PDF, tasks, FineReader&rsquo, contents, languages, interface, MacConcepts


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