2M Backup Essential 2M 2016 Bonanza




The complete, flexible and best-priced software for server and workstation backup. Windows Server backup with drive image, backup over the network and to NAS devices, backup of websites, open file backup (VSS), remote backup to Cloud and FTP.

  • Drive image backup (disaster recovery)
  • Backup to Google Drive, Amazon S3, Azure Storage, OneDrive, Dropbox
  • Remote backup FTP/SFTP
  • Compression and AES encryption
  • Scheduling of automatic backups
  • Installation as service
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Upload and Download of websites
  • Flexible backup retention policies
  • Incremental backup and synchronization
  • Open file backup (VSS)
  • Backup to NAS, USB drives, RDX, etc.
  • E-mail notifications
  • Support and updates included


Summary: Incremental backup, Windows Server, Google, Amazon, RDX

Concepts: Backup, USB flash drive, Computer storage


  • /technology and computing/software/shareware and freeware
  • /technology and computing/hardware/computer components/disks
  • /technology and computing/software/databases

Tags: open file backup, Windows Server backup, Drive image backup, Incremental backup, Flexible backup retention, workstation backup, backup FTP/SFTP, remote backup, USB flash drive, NAS devices, Amazon S3, best-priced software, Google Drive, Azure Storage, AES encryption, automatic backups, USB drives, E-mail notifications, disaster recovery, computing/hardware/computer components/disks/technology


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