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2010 Report on China Lubricant Industry

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Published Date: Dec, 2010
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In 2009, the lubricant consumption of China exceeded 6 million tons, up 6.1% from a year earlier, and of which civil car engine oil occupied 15%. Affected by the slowing growth rate of automotive output and sales, China’s lubricant consumption witnessed limited growth margin in H1 2010.

During the first three quarters of 2010, the output of lubricant in China amounted to 6.30 million tons, a 13.8%YoY rise, and peaking in recent years.

Output and YoY Growth of Lubricant in China, 2006-Sep.2010 (Unit: mln tons, %)

Source: wind;

In regard to product structure, the upgrading of lubricant products is notably on the rise and the demand of high-quality lubricants is in rapid growth. The required Type II & III base oil mainly depends on imports. In 2010H1, the import volume of base oil approximated 1.234 million tons, wherein, Type II & III base oil accounted for 31% by roughly 380 thousand tons.

From the perspective of competition pattern in 2009, China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) took the lead in the market, occupying 26%; China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation (Sinopec Corp.) held 21%; the transnational corporations in China totaled 30%; local gasoline blending dealers enjoyed 17%; used oil recycling accounted for 4%; and imports took 2%.

Market Share of Lubricant Brands in China, 2009

Source: www.lubesale.com

As for development trend, SINOPEC/Greatwall Lubricant (Sinopec Lubricant Company) and Kunlun Lubricant (CNPC Kunlun Lubricant Company), the two big state-owned enterprises, have strengthened their R&D and continuously launched medium and high-end products with high profit margins. Apart from the sales via nationwide gas stations, these two enterprises, by virtue of their competitive edge, carry the marketing of a series of products and service to large companies. The cooperation with big carmakers has advanced the application scope of lubricant products in automobile enterprises, and it is worth mentioning that Greatwall Lubricant has cooperated with 90% mainstream automobile enterprises in China.

Foreign lubricant brands go on expanding channels, and 3S shops and 4S shops remain the major marketing channels of Shell Lubricants, while fast repair and maintenance service network is another important channel for its development. Shell plans to increase the various maintenance centers at a speed of 300 new shops per annum. And ExxonMobil has had more than 800 ‘Mobil 1 auto maintenance shops’.

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