2009 Report on China Road Marking Paint Industry Full Version


2009 Report on China Road Marking Paint Industry

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Published date : January, 2010
Publisher: 168Report
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The application of road marking paint is closely related to road and urban highway construction. In recent years, the rapid development of highways and accelerating urban construction in China has driven the demand for traffic paint. And the demand for road line paint exceeded 320,000 tons in China in 2008.

In 2008, the two types of paint were rendered mainly in China, i.e. hot melt marking paint and solvent marking paint; wherein, the demand for hot melt road marking paint amounted to 283,000 tons in 2008, which got mainly applied to expressways, arterial highways, and urban roads; and the demand for solvent marking paint reached 46,000 tons primarily for Class-II higways.

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