2 JSP lessons + Servlets lesson for free (video tutorials)

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Introduction to JSP (8 min)

  • From the video tutorial, you'll learn about the benefits of JSP .
  • Get to know with JSP syntactic constructions.
  • Install all necessary software to develop and run a JSP-application .
  • Using Eclipse and Tomacat , write your first JSP web application.

Using implicit objects in JSP (8 min). The lesson covers the following topics:

  • benefit the separation of html and jsp-files
  • use implicit objects : request, response, application, session, etc.
  • scope implicit objects: the application, the page request and the session
  • As always lesson includes sample code in Eclipse.

Servlets (13 min)

  • From this lesson, you will learn what are theServlets , what are their benefits and how they work.
  • You learn how to create servlets using Eclipse and how to run it on the Apache Tomcat server.
  • You will know abou the mysteries of annotationsand learn how to put the servlet in the deployment descriptor.
  • At the end of the lesson you will find the practical task.


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